A Retirement Home of Distinction

These few words say a lot about Kirkside of Roxbury.

Peacefully situated in the quaint hamlet of Roxbury, Kirkside is a retirement residence with unique character. The main house is one the oldest in a community steeped in history. Both inside and outside, Kirkside maintains much of the charm inherent in its 1865 origins. In fact, the building has earned a designation in the National Historic Registry. Features such as built-in armoires, window seats, parquet floors and lost of sunshine from a multitude of windows all combine to make a cheerful, comfortable environment. Of course, along with the charm, Kirkside still meets all of the requirements mandated by the New york State Department of Social Services by which it is licensed and regulated.

Outside, the grounds of Kirkside can best be described as "park-like." Benches, a small stream and flower gardens all are featured on the nearly two acres of Kirkside property. The entire setting is in the middle of the hamlet of Roxbury, private, yet an easy walk to stores, small restaurants, a public library and three churches. Add these features to the friendliness of a small, rural community and the attractiveness of Kirkside as a retirement residence is immediately apparent.